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Below You Will Find Classes That Are Currently Available Around The Country:

New Jersey

Southern, NJ Classes


The Students in this program will be taught extensive electrical theory. The core unit will be hands on approach emphasizing house wiring, branch, circuits, wire sizing, cable layout, three and four-way switches and ground fault circuit interruption. Additional units include service entrance equipment and calculations which are coordinated with basic electrical theory. The Student will apply electrical subject units, such as commercial – residential and architectural drawings, branch circuits and feeders, appliance circuits; lamps and lighting and panel-board selection. Students will learn math as it applies to the electrical trade, which will include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, basic algebra and some trigonometry. 


This program offers both a hands-on and textbook instruction, which requires problem solving and logical thinking skills.  All phases of residential carpentry are addressed – from digging footing to finish trim.  Units included are print drawing/reading, building location (surveying), estimation time/material, frame construction, roofing/siding, drywall and finish carpentry.  Graduates are limited only by their own inventiveness.  Any one or part of one unit covered during this program could be expanded into a career.  Planning, estimation, drafting, framing, siding/roofing, drywall installation, trim/cabinet installation, painting, surveying, training will prepare the student for a challenging and rewarding career. 


This program introduces students to all facets of the plumbing trade and will provide the basic skills needed for entry-level employment. Students will learn methods of installation and repair and plumbing maintenance. Theory-based instruction includes: basic trade competencies, trade mathematics, blueprint reading and drawing, as well as the National Standard Plumbing Code. Hands-on instruction will be given with the students participating in the actual layout, installation, and repair of plumbing systems, fixtures, and appliances. The tools, materials, and supervised projects assigned in the class simulate actual conditions in the domestic and commercial plumbing industries.

Other classes available:

  • HVAC
  • Welding