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About Us

About Our Leaders

Our organization is headed by a board of directors that, combined, has over 100 years of business, financial, and industrial trade experience.

Joe Massanova, our President and Founder, has over 40 years of business experience both corporate and small business, and over 33 years of furniture making experience. He brings a life-long desire to help others and a passion for sharing his knowledge of business and trades to others.

John Higgins, a board member, brings to the organization over 30 years experience in all phases of both commercial and investment banking at First Pennsylvania Bank’s holding company. John was also the President and CEO of Fund Plan Services, which was a Mutual Fund servicing company. John is currently a Board Member and past President for the Camden Home for Children/501c-3 for over 10 years. John brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of finance and non-profit organization.

Michael Moss, a board member, brings a wealth of experience to this organization. His background includes 13 yrs. as a real estate agent, over 25 years of construction, revitalizing properties, and using old and new modern materials. Michael has been working with the community by helping people purchase housing and helping to pay closing costs and down payments. He has also assisted in helping clients remodel their homes to make them handicap accessible at no cost. Michael also brings to the organization many certifications including OSHA Safety and Sead Safe certification.

Organization Goals

As our country puts a high value on a college education and white-collar positions, we see that there is a work force that is being undervalued and undertrained.

The goal of the Foundation for Trades organization is to help a new generation see the value of working with their hands and appreciating a job well done by hard work and talent. We offer a foundation of knowledge in the areas of building trades that will help propel an ever-diminishing workforce toward a rewarding future.

Our Service Offerings